tooth whitening


You can brighten your smile and enhance your appearance by bleaching or whitening your teeth.
tooth whitening services at Dental clinics:
With the latest LED light technology, your dentist can lighten your teeth up to 5-7 shades in just one hour. At home: A whitening tray has worn several hours a day can lighten your teeth within two weeks.
Are you getting dental work performed, such as a bridge or crown? Your dentist can match your replacement teeth to your whitened teeth. Your dentist can match your replacement teeth to the whitened ones.


Is it safe for tooth whitening?

Essentially, you should consult your dentist first.
You can now open the American Dental Association website in a new tab. This is particularly important for patients who have many fillings or crowns and those with dark stains. To determine whether bleaching would be beneficial, you should have a comprehensive examination performed by a licensed dentist.


At-Home Tooth Whitening vs. In-Office Tooth Whitening:

the differences between in-office and at-home treatments for treating teeth stains. Kantor says that oil-pulling, white strips, and toothpaste whitening the teeth and charcoal-based cleaners can remove surface stains, making your teeth look whiter. Doctors say that these products do not bleach your teeth like professional whitening. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide (a bleaching agent) is what determines the whiteness of your teeth. The peroxide will remain on your teeth for a significant amount of time after our treatment.

According to Lowenberg, when doing the work in an office, we use 35 percent hydrogen peroxide. “If you do it at home, it could be anywhere from 7 to 10%. If you have an in-office procedure, then you have a much better chance of whitening your teeth. For at-home whitening, you can use the customized tray, which is made to fit your specific needs. A professional dentist recommends an in-office treatment about once a year.


Tooth whitening is a great option:

Since yellowed or stained teeth do not pose a health risk, cosmetic procedures such as tooth whitening are acceptable. Whiter teeth can improve your self-confidence as well as the appearance of your smile.

Gentle Dental is a cosmetic dentist that offers the very best treatment for teeth whitening so that staining from coffee, soda, or other dark beverages may be removed or reduced. To find out which treatment is right for you, please contact us today.
If you are unhappy with the color of your teeth or how your teeth look after cleaning, talk to your dentist. Tartar and plaque can be removed by your dentist.
We are now accepting new patients. Our New Patient Offer is $57.00 to get you started on your teeth whitening journey. New patient offer: The first appointment includes an examination, X-rays, cleaning, treatment plan, and a cleaning. These services usually cost $400, even without the offer.


How Much Does Tooth Whitening Cost?

Whitening is usually not covered by dental insurance policies; however, take-home trays are more affordable and you can reuse the same tray if you need to whiten again. Init -office whitening costs $199+.


What Causes Teeth to Turn Discolored?

You can influence the color and appearance of your teeth in many ways. Some factors are under your control, while others occur naturally, such as aging.
Foods that contain tannins, such as coffee, tea, and chocolate, can cause stains.
– Tooth discoloration can be caused by smoking or chewing tobacco.

– Tooth color can be affected by genes. Some people have predispositions to having yellower teeth.

Tooth discoloration is caused by aging. Your teeth naturally darken as your get older.


What should you expect after teeth whitening?

Similarly, both office treatments and at-home trays can achieve similar results. Your teeth can become up to 10 shades whiter and your appearance will be drastically different. These changes are temporary but noticeable. It is important to follow the recommended steps to maintain white teeth for as long as possible following professional whitening. Following a professional whitening, it is important to follow the recommended steps to maintain white teeth for as long as possible.
Avoid dark-colored drinks like red wine and coffee.

To avoid getting your front teeth in contact with dark-colored drinks, you should sip them through straws.

Daily flossing is important.

Stop smoking.

Every six months, get your teeth cleaned by a dental professional.
In case your teeth become yellowed or stained again, contact your cosmetic dentist to schedule another whitening appointment. If necessary, you can schedule a second whitening appointment if your teeth become yellowed or stained again.
It is rare for teeth whitening to cause side effects. Patients may experience some sensitivity to their teeth and gums after receiving in-office whitening or using take-home tray whitening. You should avoid drinking hot or cold beverages until your problem is resolved. You should be able to resume your normal routine within weeks.


What is the best way to whiten teeth?

Mix baking soda with hydrogen peroxide and brush your teeth using the mixture. This homemade paste should only be used a few times per week to avoid damaging your enamel. Hydrogen peroxide can be found online. Whitening toothpaste can also be found online.


Are yellow teeth possible to become white?

It is possible to make yellow teeth white again. You can do part of the process at home and part in the office. Together with your dentist, hygienist and a bright white smile will be achieved.


What causes yellow teeth?

Several factors can cause your teeth to become duller, including staining from certain foods and whitening in some cases caused by plaque buildup.
You can stain your teeth enamel (the whitest surface of your teeth) by eating certain foods. You can also yellow your teeth when plaque builds up on your teeth.


How long does yellowing take to become white?

Whitening yellow teeth usually take 1-2 weeks. Grey or blue teeth can take twice as long. Here’s what you have to know


Let’s get to the bottom of it:

Whitening teeth can be achieved naturally in many ways. Most natural tooth whitening methods remove stains in a gentle, non-irritating way.
Some dentists offer whitening services that are stronger than natural options. These treatments bleach the teeth and may be more effective for severe cases of tooth discoloration. Too much whitening can damage your teeth.
Consult your dentist about the options available to you and which would be best for you.