symptoms of a hangover
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Symptoms of a hangover | Symptoms of a Hangover chart | Causes of these symptoms | How to get rid of a hangover

A Hangover is a delayed alcohol induced headache.

It is described as unpleasant physiological effect for those who consume excessive amount of alcohol. People who consume too much alcohol at night can lead to painful and unpleasant sensation in the morning.

The symptom can differ in severity for each person depending on the quantity and type of alcohol. And the most important thing that can be the main cause of hangover is – to much drinking alcohol!

In general, hangover is a problem that cause socio-economic imbalances, we should cooperate to decrease his influence in our society.

  • Fatigue, weakness and body ashes
  • Headache, dehydration and increase body temperature
  • Diarrhea, vomiting
  • Sweating, increase salivation
  • Trouble sleeping, anxiety and concentration problem
  • Irritation, sensitivity of light and noise
  • dysphoria and halitosis

Many people will also get problem in thought, taste or smell of alcohol during a hangover.


Symptoms of a hangover

This is why drinking alcohol can cause hangover:

  • Decrease blood sugar: drinking alcohol can cause decrease blood sugar, so as a result getting fatigue, weakness and body ashes.
  • Increase acidity of stomach: alcohol increase secretion of acid in your stomach while your stomach is empty, that will cause damaging of stomach tissue and can cause irritation, nausea and vomiting.
  • Dehydration: alcohol work as a diuretic, work on kidney and increase person urination, as a result losing fluid from your body and getting symptoms like thirst etc…
  • Immune system: alcohol have an anti-inflammatory effect, so it can lead to loss appetite and decrease concentration.
  • Toxic: when the alcohol is breakdown in our organism, some toxic product can cause the may symptom of a hangover.

1- Stay hydrated by drinking water: drink more water can be an easy way to get rid of a hangover, because as we said before, alcohol dehydrate your body by working as a diuretic, and increase urination, sweating and increase salivation two main symptom of hangover can also be the cause of losing fluid, that’s why it is so important to stay hydrated.

It is good to drink water before going to sleep, that can help to avoid getting a hangover in the morning.

2- Hair of the Dog: maybe you heard somewhere that the treatment of a dog bite is to cover the wound with that same dog hair.

The idea behind this, is that drinking more alcohol will relief the effect of a hangover. but certain doctors said that drinking again can make you worst and they don’t recommend trying this method.

3- Relief pain: you can use them to remove headache.

4- Vitamins B and zinc: several studies show that eating food rich with vitamins B and zinc can decrease the severity of a hangover.

5- Drink tea or coffee: caffeine has no effect on hangover, but as a stimulant it can help to remove some symptoms such as fatigue and weakness.

6- Taking a nap: sometime resting is the best way to get rid of a hangover. Once you drink water and use pain relievers, sleep can be the best way to restore your energy and get over a hangover.