Meaning Of Omnivert

Omnivert meaning:

Omnivert definition is being a person who maintains balance between extrovert and introverts, you’re gonna have a blend of traits from both of them. But you can be only one of them in certain situations.

Omniverts are fascinating individuals who can be excellent conversationalists and excellent listeners.

For example:  in specific situations, Omniverts turn into Extroverts, like they have the feeling to socialize. It’s like Joining  parties, walking around the room and communicating with friends for hours, talking about their activities and lovely moments. 

Sometimes Omniverts turn into introverts. You will need to have some days home alone, gathering energy, relaxing  away from social media. Also you’re gonna have the feeling of enjoying talking only when you are mentally prepared.

How to define omnivert?

If someone asks whether you prefer to be alone or around, definitely your answer is going to be “It Depends”.

Depending on some characters’ stories about their daily activities, you’re gonna understand exactly how to be an omnivert.

Emmie Clark Story:

See here is the funny side about it, Desperately i found myself  needing other people, just not all the time. Sometimes, I find myself alone for hours, reading,blogging or flipping through sites or channels. I feel comfortable wearing some fuzzy socks, listening to soft music while my phone is off. 

But, suddenly, in a certain moment, I totally transform into an emotional person who is going to contact his friends, inviting them to my house, enjoying a dinner or gig with them.

Honestly, I have some trust issues which also can control me. Sometimes I go through some cycles which leads me to be isolating for a certain group of friends, or hanging out with only one person for a while.

 In fact everytime i jump from a different group whenever I feel uncomfortable or lacking energy, some groups prefer to stay home watching movies or playing with playstations. 

I go with them and enjoy my time till I find myself in another group which enjoys going to bars or parties. 

Personally I already hosted several parties. At any party, most of the time I would rather spend my time with friendsI already know and feel comfortable around.

Second Part:

It Doesn’t matter for me the activity as long as I feel comfortable in it. It’s like I am an introvert with humans who are extrovert and an extrovert with very introverted ones.

Sometimes, I woke up in the morning feeling so energetic. I took a taxi to one of the local coffees, purchasing a milkshake, sitting devouring it passionately with people passing over in front of the coffees outside mirror.

As I started watching citizens walking by, I had the intention of feeling liberal and joyful. I had no feeling to contact any of them or even think about it for a while.

Many times, while socializing I get some comments from my friends which are differently different and opposite. 

In some cases they tell me “You need to go out and have fun with friends more often” and from the other side “You talk too much lady,  how possible you make friends so easily?” I feel like I am a multifaceted person.

In fact, because I don’t spend too much time socializing on the weekends, my family or my friends tells me” don’t you have a life?” “Why is having such a boring life?”.

I find it funny to hear such things honestly, but the most important thing is that I feel comfortable like this, living as an introvert and extrovert! 

What can we understand here?

Omnivert persons might respond more positively than others to outside stimulation because their brains are trained to all types of situations.

Ambivert vs Omnivert: What’s the difference between them?

Many people still mix between being an omnivert and ambivert. If you feel that you feel equally satisfied or happy whether you’re out with a group or at home alone watching a series, you might be an ambivert.

 So you are like a mixture between introvert and extrovert. Despite that, omnivert people cannot be both introverted or extroverted at the same time, they can be introverted in some situations or extroverted in others.

Actually, It’s hard to say how many people are Omniverts, because this term is very new. However recent studies proved that there are a growing number of these people. It’s like you have the feeling of being either highly introverted in some cases and either extrovert in some. Recently some experts claimed some similar theories.

One of the serious issues is that an outside look will give you that extroverts are more visible and look like they are dominant in the world. Introverts are shy people who lack confidence. This may not be the truth, Some people are introverted but still find people to talk to, it’s not a question of fair or emotions to talk to people.

 It’s like you have both skills of an introvert and an extrovert you use them differently in each life situation. and that’s a good point.

14 Advantages of Being A Hidden Omnivert:

Being an Omnivert is like having a double-edged sword, you gonna fell:

  • Independent and Autonomous when being alone.
  • feeling safe by being invisble not watched or unwanted.
  • Learning Fastly by observing people from an invisible angle.
  • Less mistakes while socializing, a good listener and when you talk,you are more specific.
  • You’re gonna know what is good to hangout and have a full extrovert life.
  • Introverted enough to hide, embracing being alone and gathering your thoughts and power.
  • Omniverted human beings have an immunity against toxic people and toxic relationships. Because being alone for a certain time will give you a clear vision about people and their reaction to you.
  • An omnivert is like you gonna be alone but not lonely, which gives you a great powerful statement.
  • You’re gonna always look different with Extrovert people which will attract them to you and make you unique, same with introverts.
  • Being omnivert gives you the ability to realize and sense the indifference in someone’s act
  • Being an omnivert gives you the ability to detect when someone tries to trick you or is inauthentic.
  • While being omnivert, you’re gonna understand and have the chance to know both introverted and extroverted personalities. 
  • An Omnivert person is always secure from dangerous persons, because they always look for visible easy targets.
  • An Omnivert person always has a personal time to heal from problems, rearranging himself and to start again.


Omivert have lots of great traits. He is  able to be flexible in a variety of situations, often experiences being a talker and a listener. Such skills can prove really valuable in different social contact. But no matter what, always try to improve your personal skills and to feel comfortable around.

Your traits always control your interaction with the world around you. The more you know about it the more you learn where and how to feel comfortable.


A person say:

All we know we all know about introverts extroverts and most recently people have been talking about what they call an ambivert well I personally think that I have experienced a change or a new plateau and my personality that I would like to call an omni vert I’ve never heard of it before that means I just made that up so what’s an omni vert here’s what I think or I could claim an omni vert is omni coming from latin ominus which means all so in our terms we will say universal so say that and Omni vert is someone who is universal in their personality type so with that let me do give you a little bit of background information about me when I was 14 that’s when I discovered my introversion that I was different because as an introvert we are outnumbered by extroverts they outnumber us at least 3 to 1 so I noticed that I was different now along with men and introvert you have to realize that you have to roleplay being in an extroverted world you have to pretend to be an extrovert or you have to pretend to be something that you’re not you don’t wanna be talkative you don’t want to do a whole lot of things that extroverts like to do but you do it because the basic human need of being involved or having friends and so forth is there so you extend your personality a little to be in this extrovert world I was saying or to be accepted in the intro of extroverted world so realizing that in my 20s and possibly also in my 30s I realized that you know I had to live this fake life really I would say of pretending to be something that I’m not I’m always extending myself as an actor does in TV to be around extroverts so in doing so I learned that my extroverted mind did not like this and I would hit like a wall all the time I’m hitting that wall so I decided one day to push through that wall because I felt like there was a barrier you know you can feel like you’re hitting your limit when you’re socializing with people and you know as an introvert you get tired you know you get dream from a lot of Association so I realized I was hitting this wall and I just said you know what I’m just gonna push through this whoa and see what happens and I’ve pushed through that wall and I realized I felt my mind change over just like much like a car engine changes over when you start it up you crank it and then boom it’s starting I didn’t experience this two other times in my life when I taught myself Spanish and when I taught myself chess I felt my mind turned over the same way with pushing through my introversion I felt my mind turned over and to be honest with you it was an awakening experience it changed me I am completely different I am still and consider myself an introvert like most introverts we hold on to that personality tight like a sack of money we don’t want to let it go we’re proud to say that we’re introverted I say that I am introverted but I think I’m something else now I think I’m an omni ver and the reason why I say that is because after all of those years of role-playing to be around extroverts now my mind is taking in all of the new interactions that I’m gaining with people and combining it with the other experiences that I’ve had in my life so that now I can suit my personality for my audience from around an intellectual person then I can go into my mind and pull out all the knowledge that I have to have an intellectual conversation if I’m around people that like to joke around then I can be a jokester with them whatever the setting whatever the environment I can suit myself to fit that setting that’s why I say I use the word Universal because now as an omnivore my personality is universal I have a universal personality I can fit it for the environment and pretty much with no limits you know it’s like it’s limitless and I don’t have the extra strain that comes with just being introverted it sounds crazy and annoying I might sound like I jumped out of the matrix and I’m Morpheus and I’m trying to tell you something like you’re Neil but nonetheless that’s really how I feel I feel like my personality has completely changed and along with this if you want to do some research you can consider a doctor named Abraham or a psychiatrist psychologist named Abraham Maslow I studied Abraham Maslow’s theory of the hierarchy of human needs so long studying with studying that and having the self awareness and consciousness that I had it really helped me reach different plateaus now when I’ve reached that plateau where I felt like I changed into an omniverse my awareness just I mean just improved I saw the world in a whole new light I can read people better I can read environments and settings and everything better it’s it’s like just coming into a room and my eyes are like immediately opened sort of like also in that movie limitless where those people their brain just tapped into different areas where all of the knowledge that they have and everything that they learned is like a soup that they could just an information that they could just dispel at any given moment like I said I know it sounds crazy I know I’m sounding nuts but I’m pretty sure if you give it a try push through that introversion and be willing to learn from every situation every interaction learn through all of it and just push yourself through that introversion wall and you will notice this very same thing and continue to allow yourself to learn and become self-aware of yourself you will notice the same thing I’m pretty sure and the reason why I say this and I say you I say introverts because I believe the introverts are the only people all primarily have to roleplay I’ve never heard of an extrovert role play as an introvert but introverts always a lot of times have to role play to fit into the extroverted world so like I said if anyone else out there have experienced this leave something in the comments section comment section below and let me know give me some feedback maybe we can have a discussion about this or maybe we can do a live YouTube chat about this because I don’t think I’m the only person out there who have experienced this and I hope that I’m not I hope that some other people have expressed it so we can really you know get down into the nitty-gritty of this and maybe experience something more something bigger something brighter something bolder but I really feel like this is a great thing that happened to me it has really improved my personality so like I say I’m coining the term this is me quote-unquote omniverse omniverse maybe i’m the first person from whom you’ve heard this.



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