Masseter Botox

Masseter Botox


Botox injections to the masseter muscle are used by dermatologists to shape the face and to treat teeth grinding. As a result of strong masseter muscles, a square, the masculine face can be created. This is unflattering to some women, as well as men. The treatment involves three or four injections to each cheek. Botox is the only method to reduce the jawline without surgery.


How long does Botox last when used in masseter mode?

Masseter Botox can be used on facial muscles to reduce fine lines. It is best to use it within 7-10 days. Botox on the masseter muscles does not produce the best results for three months. However, it can have a lasting effect of up to nine months. Dr advised that I have repeat injections once every 6 months to maintain the results.


Masseter botox price:

The cost of treatment for both sides of your face is usually between $400-$600. The cost of the procedure will vary depending on where you live and what your chosen surgeon is.


Masseter botox side effects:

A possible side effect of the BOTOX masseter may include asymmetry in the jawline and smile. This is a temporary condition that should not last long. Our team can offer safe and effective advice for patients with issues.

There are other possible side effects to masseter Botox

  • Pain or swelling at the injection site
  • bruising.
  • Headache
  • Flu-like symptoms
  • A crooked smile.
  • You will drool.



Full results can be expected in approximately one week. Some people begin to see results in just a few days. Botox effects are temporary. They last for 3-4 months.


What can I do after Masseter botox?

Slight irritation may occur when you chew for the first few weeks after botox injections to the masseter muscle masseter muscles. This should subside within a week. Do not lie down for the first four hours following treatment. Also, do not massage the masseter muscle after it has been completed.

Master Botox: At what age should I consider it?

People experience the most drastic changes when they are in their 40s and 50s. But, these changes can start as early as the mid-30s and continue through old age. Even if you have the best muscles, facial aging can still occur with repetitive motions that cause lines to appear on your skin.

What is the best way to get masseter Botox in your area?

This is what you should expect before, during, and after the procedure.

Before the procedure:

You will need to consult a physician before masseter Botox. They will want to know about your goals and concerns.

They will examine your jaws and face. This will allow them to determine where you should inject and how many syringes they need.

The actual procedure will occur in a doctor’s clinic. You don’t have to visit the hospital.

During the procedure:

Here’s what to expect during the procedure.

To minimize the possibility of infection, a professional medical practitioner will clean your skin. Topical anesthesia may be used to numb it.

They prepare a needle with botulinum poison. The needle of the syringe should be very thin.

It then inserts the needle into your masseter muscles. The toxin is injected by slowly withdrawing the needle.

They may also repeat the procedure on another side. The treatment will dictate the number of syringes needed.

The average procedure takes around 15 minutes.


Injection safe zone:

The physician should mark the borders of “injection safe zones” before injection. These are the superior, inferior, posterior, and inferior edges of the masseter muscular masseter, and the inferior boundary is the inferior edge of the mandible. The upper border is located from the mouth corner up to the earlobe. You should keep injections within the safe area and in at most 3-4 locations, at least 0.5-1 m from each border.



A botox injection can cause minor swelling or bruising. An ice pack, placed for between 10 and 20 minutes on the area of the injection, can help to prevent this. To prevent Botox from transferring to other parts of your face, it is important to wait at least four hours before you lie down. It is also important to avoid strenuous exercise and to keep the Botox away for at least 24hrs. Remember that the effects will not last immediately and they will eventually wear out. “Additional treatments will be required after a few weeks.


Who Should Avoid the Masseter Botox Treatment?

You may need to postpone your Botox treatment due to the following:

  • Pregnancy, breastfeeding
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Neuromuscular disorders
  • The treatment area may be affected by a skin infection
  • Botulinum toxin allergy

How often do your muscles need BOTOX?

Every 6 Months:

Botox used to treat hypertrophic masseter muscle is only effective for three months. You can expect results to last for as long as 9 months. You should have another injection every 6 to 12 months if you wish to maintain your results.

Is Masseter Botox painful for you?

Your symptoms may dictate if they inject additional areas. Your doctor will determine how many Botox injections are necessary. The injection can cause pain similar to a bug bite, sting, or pinched feeling. Doctors recommend that you use a cold compress or a numbing cream to reduce the pain.

For this procedure, where can you find a qualified plastic surgeon?

As with all procedures, it is crucial to work with a qualified surgeon or dermatologist. This will lower the chance of complications and help you achieve the results that are important to you.

For a referral to a surgeon, consult your primary care doctor or dermatologist. You can also use The American Society of Plastic Surgeons’ Find a Surgeon Tool.

You can learn all about the procedure during your initial consultation and ask the surgeon any questions.

Some examples of questions to ask your doctor are:

  • What can masseter Botox do to help me get the results I want?
  • Am I a good candidate for masseter Botox injections?
  • How do you prepare for the procedure?
  • Where is the procedure to be performed? What happens in each step?
  • Are there any things I should avoid after Botox?
  • What will my appearance look like in the future?
  • Are there any risks with masseter Botox treatment?
  • How long have your been practicing?
  • Are you a masseter Botox expert?
  • Do you have photos of before or after?
  • How much will it cost you?