lynks disease

Lynks disease is a notion describing a fictional health illness that come from the basis open for THHPII, commonly found in the SouthWestern of United States.

It is one approach combined between measles and chronic Lyme.

About THHPII, it is a disturbance where the individual cannot see what’s happening around him, imagining fictional illness and eating garbage and thinking that it is going to cure them from those delusional illnesses.

Lynks disease symptoms

The symptoms are not the same for each person, but here are the common symptoms:

  • Yucky ear: This is the first symptom that can happen after getting it.
  • Black tongue: black stain seen in the middle surface of the tongue.
  • Perfect pitch (art)
  • Big arm blister: looking filling with pus, if you get this symptom so there is high percentage that you have it.
  • And measles-like symptoms.

Can we get it?

First of all, this is may be a way of thinking that look fictional, also we do not know if it is true from reblogged , liked we do not recommend it. Those are:

  • Handling clays
  • Airborne
  • Affected hand
  • Water contamination


Using clay as a drug can be a common way to cure it.


Lynx theory:

Lynx is a type of cat or wildcat, he is part of Greek, North American and Norse liked mythology. He is considered as a mysterious creature in Amerindian traditions known as “trustable secretive”, and he is also considered that he can see behind things, and have overview of all his territory. As a conclusion, he can know hidden fact and have a psychological strength power.

In relation to our subject, we can see that it fit nicely with our topic.



People love show fictional house home family subject to others in contact of new mindset. Will you trust it? We think that some need help and test to get cure of those fictional thinking.




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