Persistence, perseverance, and creativity will greatly help your children eat good food. No wonder your kids are the most popular micromanagers to date. Young children like to eat unwanted alternative foods if they tolerate them. Although in general, that should not be the case. This time is the best opportunity to build a solid foundation for proper nutrition by educating and training them to eat quality youth foods. Remember that good youth nutrition consists of a variety of foods combined from the four main nutritional categories. No matter how long you can find some harmony with all the nutrient categories – dairy, meat protein, organic, vegetables and grains – you’re ready.

Introduce new food flavors step by step

Try not to let your kids get into food. Try not to offer them a similar dinner again. Start by looking for equivalent ideas from books and magazines and, surprisingly, see them on the internet. Gradually introduce new flavors, combinations, and meal plans each week in combination with your number 1. You can start with vegetables. Cut the fresh vegetables into cubes and combine them with your # 1 food, such as pasta, soup, tortilla, or dish. Just try to move it often by learning new ways to cook vegetables with your first dinners.

Involve your children in preparing meals

The next time you go to the store, take your kids with you and encourage them to choose their own foods grown from the ground up. When you prepare good quality food for the little ones, welcome them to help organize. Nothing very outstanding. You can ask them to wash fruits and vegetables, mix soups or even help make a new pasta at home. This is a great way to get your kids to see the value of the fun side of cooking and eating, and also show them basic cooking skills. Studies have shown that young people should eat the prepared foods.

Don’t radically exclude sweets or foods rich in fat.

The method of good nutrition for children, as indeed adults, is domination. There is no compelling reason to completely ban frozen yogurt or potato chips from your children’s diet. This will make them only need more of these foods. What you need to do is make sure they know what is acceptable and what is terrible for them. From time to time there is always room for sweets or fancy foods. Show them the value of small portions of these types of foods, or even discover powerful options that in any case allow them to share a similar personality without compromising the nutritional benefits.

Be creative with paint and application

We as talented children are fascinated by everything visible, especially about colors. Put that in food. Get as many shades as possible when you serve them dinner. You can even cut up work with your food grown on the ground so far. Welcome them to accompany you in the attention of the most attractive dinners.

Try not to bribe your kids to eat your vegetables.

Despite the prevailing thinking, paying children to eat vegetables can do more harm than anything else. Try not to treat your kids with rewards, for example, eating a whole sweet cake after eating vegetables, and so on. This will lead to negative foods where vegetables are basic requirements and cakes are fun and delicious sweets. Children will generally carry this negative relationship into adulthood. Just make them eat a bite. Try not to give up. They quickly hate it, but that doesn’t mean they will despise it until the end of time.

Be a role model in healthy eating

This is an essential part of helping your kids practice good eating habits. Set a real role model for them, as they are more likely to remember their parents ’words, thoughts, and prejudices about a good diet. They notice what is missing. Eat your leafy foods.



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