how much water should i drink a day chart?
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How much water should i drink daily? | How much water should i drink a day chart? | For weight loss how much water should i drink? / How much water should i drink while pregnant? | How much water should i drink while breastfeeding? | Drink water quotes


How much water should i drink daily? We often hear that we should drink a eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day, and it’s seems like a hard challenge! However is that truth? and what does really means.

Approximately 70% of the body is made of water. He is essential for every living thing. Water act as a carrier for nutrients and oxygen to our cells, lubricates joints, regulate body temperature, help prevent constipation and remove toxins from our organism. Decrease water from your body (dehydrated) can cause kidney problem, dry mouth, excessive thirst, headache and even rapid heartbeat. However, if our body loss 1% of water he will try to regain it in the next 24h.

how much water should i drink daily

That’s why it is so important to get the water that your organism needs every day. The quantity of water depend on your size, your working day, the type of exercice that your are doing, the weater where you live and many criteria. Your doctor can help you to determine the right quantity.

How much water should i drink a day chart?

 benefits of drinking water

For weight loss how much water should i drink?

Numerous study shows that drinking from 1 to 2 liters per day help alot for weight loss.

Here how much water should i drink for weight loss:

  • Liters: 1-2
  • Glasses 8 oz: 4-10
  • Onces: 34-66

However this is just in a general view, it can be more or less.

Also this is not a recommendation for drinking alot of water, because drinking it to much can cause symptoms, such as water toxicity!


How much water should i drink while pregnant?

 how much water is too much

Drinking sufficient water during pregnancy is so important because of his benefits to the mother and baby. It help in digestion of the food and form the amniotic fluid arount the fetus. Also he transports vitamins, minerals and hormones to the blood cells and provide nutrients circulate in the body so it can reach the placenta and to the baby. it is essential to stay hydrated during pregnancy.

It is recommended to drink from 8 to 12 cups or 64 to 96 ounces of water every day.


How much water should i drink while breastfeeding?

Why water is important for breastfeeding, breast milk contain about 89% of water. Several research shows that it’s not neccessory to drink more water that nursing mothers need, they just need to satisfy their thirst, they recommend about 120 ounces per day, it’s about 15 eight-ounce cups.

And don’t forget that the total fluid is a combination of what you drink (water and beverages like tea, juice, milk and others)

Drink water quotes:

  1. After waking up: it helps active internal organs.
  2. 30 minutes before a meal: it help digestion.
  3. Before taking a bath: helps lower blood pressure.
  4. before going further: avoid stroke and heart attack.


Some overview recap:

  • Drink water how much: check the day chart
  • Is Drink water for weight loss: effective.
  • Drink water before bed: it can increase the amount of times of urination at night.
  • When to drink water to lose weight: 30 minutes before every meal.
  • Drink water with lemon: weight-loss friendly, help digestion, help prevent kidney stone.
  • Why drink water after massage: help purify your kidney and remove toxins from your organism.
  • Drink water with salt: may be better at hydrating if comparing with normal water.
  • Effect of drink water only: you will loss weight but yout body loses crucial nutrients it needs.
  • Drink water in the morning: it helps active internal organs.
  • Can drink water before blood test: it can also affect the result but it can helps to keep more fluid in your veins.
  • Drink water and baking soda: it can help to remove occasional acid reflux, but it can give side effect like headache, stomach pain etc…

Did you drink enough water today?

So in this article, i’m going to let you know the importance of water and this is not i know this is a fitness channel but this is a more of a health and fitness topic because water is not just for if you’re trying to lose weight if you’re trying to gain muscle water just for your health in general okay so i have five different points on why you should be drinking more water point number one water helps with digestion so it helps eliminate waste because you need to be that’s why a lot of times if you drink a lot of water let’s say you do it like a gallon challenge or anything like that you’re peeing non-stop because it’s getting rid of all that waste you know you don’t you’re not used to your body’s not used to getting so much water in it so it’s not gonna you know get rid of a lot of weights because now you have a lot of water now all that extra stuff that you have in your body it’s flush and it’s flushing because it’s like oh my gosh i’m so happy that i got this water to now flush all this extra stuff out so you need to make sure you do that to drink some pee you need to poop you need to poop it’s not a funny topic oh man they sting under the bath or whatever yo you got to get that stuff out of you and the good way to do it is to drink water my second point is water helps with blood flow okay so blood is 90 water so the less water you drink the thicker your blood gets and when your blood is thick that increases your blood pressure so to help with blood pressure if you drink more water your blood will be a little more watery instead of thick because it doesn’t have that substance to help it and basically what blood does it takes oxygen to different parts of your body so the more water you drink it helps it again it keeps your blood watery so now it’s going to be able to flow to your different parts of your body with it thick you’re not going to be able to get the oxygen to the parts of your body you need it to get so just to be able to function you know as a human not even it’s not about fitness right now this is about health you need the water for your blood to flow blood pressure all these little things is just by drinking water point number three weight loss water helps with weight loss so this is going to get more into fitness aspect of it so water is the natural appetite suppressant okay so water the more water you drink you’re going to feel more full than you really are and that’s going to slow down in your eating so a lot of times you’re hungry you’re going to just eat whatever you have if you drink a lot of water throughout the day now you’re going to feel a little more full than just eating all your food you know so now you’re not going to be able to eat as much as before because now you can eat less because now your body already feels full and when usually when your body feels full you’re going to eat less and water has zero calories compared to juice i looked it up a random juice was like 136 calories for a cup of juice right water has zero calories so a lot of times when people are trying to lose weight they’re trying to burn as much calories as they can but if you’re putting in less calories you know what i’m saying this is going to help so you can still eat the amount of foods you want to eat you know what i mean we’re not going to eat a bunch of food to lose weight but you can still eat more food but you cut down the calories on your drinks you know because me i don’t drink i don’t drink anything but water i’ve been doing this for about five six years and i don’t drink anything but i don’t drink tea soda juice alcohol only thing i might drink is almond milk if you count it because i put it in my um smoothies i mean my um protein shakes in the morning so that’s that’s probably the only thing i would drink other than water everything other than that is straight water and honestly sometimes when protein shake i just do water i don’t even do the almond milk so now we’re just drinking water you’re putting in less calories to burn so now you have less calories to burn because you’re drinking water instead of you know a drink and the last thing water helps with burning calories you know i’m saying so just like it’s so many positives of drinking it i’m not sure why you’re not doing it you know so what water helps you burn calories faster there’s research is done this is not research from me this is not i don’t calorie count none of that stuff but this research done it helps you burn calories so the more water you drink it’s going to help you burn more calories help you lose weight so drink some water okay so for our fourth point water helps with muscle growth and this is the most important to me because i’m trying to build this body you know i’m saying i can’t see it because the camera’s kind of cut off but i’ve been a little working a little bit you know what i’m saying i’ve been working a little bit i drink a bunch of water we’re not on that topic right now but i drink a bunch of water because i’m trying to get these gains okay so thing that water does along with moving your blood throughout your body making it easier to flow it also transports nutrients throughout your body so for example protein and glycogen those two things help build muscle so so once you’re eating you know you got to get all your proteins in and stuff like that your water is going to help transport it to the body parts that you need to help you build the muscle so the more water you’re drinking it’s going to help it transport through your body easier because now it’s flowing your body’s moving like a river now because it’s getting all this water it’s moving out the waste your blood is flowing um it’s helping you burn these calories and now it’s moving the nutrients that you need to the different parts of your body so now these muscles are like man i’m getting you know a lot of water which i need and another thing that it does it lubricates your joints you know i’m saying you have like joint pains and all that stuff the water helps lubricate your joints so now when you’re working out you know you’re lifting up these heavy weights that’s so hard what is unhealthy because water also see there’s a little what is a lot of things that you know i didn’t even know until i started doing research for this video it water it helps you with recovery so your recovery time is going to be way faster because of the amount of water you’re drinking and also it’s going to help you lift up heavier weights because now instead of you’re trying to lift with sore muscles since you’ve been drinking the water and your body has been recovering because the water has been flowing all the nutrients have been moving where it needs to be your blood is not thick now instead of having sore muscles trying to lift those heavy weights on let’s say you’re doing a two a day or you just worked out hard and your next day after that you’re super sore it’s gonna help you because now your body’s gonna be it’s still gonna be sore because you know what i’m saying you’re working out but it’s gonna be less sore than if you didn’t have something in your body flowing all these nutrients flowing your blood getting all this waste out you know so now the next day you work out you know it’s an easier workout than it would be without the water so my fifth and last point was not really a point this is more of a question how much water should you drink i say just for the person that just wants to be healthy they’re not worried about losing weight they’re not worried about gaining muscle i say you should drink at least a half a gallon that’s two liters so what that is is boom here we go half a gallon i got this on amazon this is half a gallon half a gallon fill it up drink it and i’d say it’s easier to drink water out of these instead of counting cups because let’s say you gotta drink eight glasses or whatever to equal that okay i drink one glass two glass three glass four glass time it’s like five or six o’clock i don’t remember what i’m up to i might be up to five i might be up to seven but uh but i’m gonna say hey i’m up to seven i drink one more you didn’t drink enough with this you can’t lie to yourself with this thing you can’t lie to yourself you can’t say i drink a half a gallon if this thing is not empty it’s gonna help you stay on top of yourself you don’t need anybody to be like hey you’re drinking enough water today well i guess i did because you have the bottle here but just drinking the glass you don’t even know okay so that’s just for the regular health person and i say for somebody that wants to lose weight or is trying to gain muscle i say drink at least a gallon a day this is mine i’m almost finished i actually drink a gallon and a half a day not every day but at least to drink a gallon so as you see i’m basically done with this and then i’m gonna drink the half a gallon after that as much as i can but like again it’s easier to have these bottles than drinking these cups because a cup of a cup of that probably is like 16 if i have to drink a gallon and a half that’s probably like 16 of those or whatever you know 24 i don’t know how much it is but i’m going to be drinking a lot and trying to keep track of that as long as with everything else i have going on to the day that’s nearly impossible to know if you got enough water in so i say get these oh boom gallon gallon and a half get these buy these start drinking your water and you’ll start changing your life for health for losing weight for building muscle whatever your goal is drink water okay so that’s about my time for the day you know if you do end up getting the water bottle you start this water journey leave it in the comments let me know how your first day goes let me know what you did did you drink half a gallon you drink a full gallon let’s get healthier guys let’s lose some weight let’s gain some muscle.


How much water one should drink during the meal?

I would give you the answer right away.
Person should not drink water during meals.
And let’s understand that Why am I saying this? Even though water is an essential element for our body, you should not consume it during meals.
One Water Dilutes Gastric acid in stomach water has cooling property According to Ayurveda and yoga drinking water immediately after meals or during meals dilutes the acids in stomach.
These acids or gassing juices help to break down the particles of the food which we have consumed and then convert them into energy.
As a result, drinking water with meals would slow down.
The digestion would not allow a complete digestion second water washes down the saliva digestion process begins in the mouth The salivary gland start producing saliva as soon as we think about the food.
Chewing activates the salivary gland, which will produce more saliva in our mouth, causing them to produce more saliva in mouth.
When we drink water during our meals, it washes down saliva.
And this saliva also contains enzymes.
Enzymes are proteins that work as natural stimulates It helps to break down food particles before they mix with gastric juices third drinking water during meal reduces the appetite.
It will make you feel Fuller and so you would not consume the necessary amount of food in your body to maintain a balanced diet.
When you drink a glass of water half an hour before your meal, that would help to keep you satiated and age indigestion.
Avoid drinking cold water as your body will have to waste energy to bring the temperature of cold water into your body temperature.
And that would be wrong.
Naturally, it is going to interrupt the digestion process.
Post meal.

Ideally you should drink water after two hours however, it is necessary to have liquids to moisturize your throat so that the food can easily pass through the food pipe.
You need some liquid, especially when you are eating roti or something dry like bread.
You need to have some liquid with meals because if food is spicy too hot, you would want that liquid.
Or when the food is not so palatable for you and you have to eat, then you need that liquid to help you to go through the whole Meal and that would change your palette.
In yoga we make it very much clear that food should not have irritants too hot, too spicy with lots of spices in food is going to create irritations in your nervous system and so avoid such things.
But in case you had something like that unknowingly, you should definitely have some liquid to help settle down the bad effect of this spices.
Here are some alternative drinks instead of water.
I would definitely suggest to help to clean and refresh your palette.
All these drinks also aids in digest.
First, among the group of drink could be buttermilk.
Buttermilk or Chas would be an excellent drink to be taken regularly.
This buttermilk or Chas could be taken during breakfast or at lunchtime or by snack time.
Though it has lots of benefits, it should not be taken at dinner time.
So have this healthy drink.
Buttermilk has very healthy digestive components and very healthy bacteria.
They improve digestion and prevent acidity.
It may help to relieve stomach lining of the irritation, which could be caused by acid reflux.
Adding beneficial spices like ginger and pepper.
And that would boost a healthy digestion.
And it would really benefit a person.
Buttermilk also helps to reduce blood pressure and cholesterol.
Second, beneficial liquid could be soup, soups are another meal time fluid choice during winter, person can definitely consume more soups.
They are highly beneficial because of the nutritive value.
Again, they are very easily digestible too.
Tomato soup is high in antioxidants, which helps to prevent inflammation and lowers the risk of chronic diseases.
It is also high in vitamin K A C and calcium.
All these would help in improving cardiovascular health as well as bone hell.
Another healthy choice could be mixed vegetable soup.
It aids in reducing heaviness and improves digestive function and prevents ulcer and inflammation.
Spinach , soup is high in antioxidants and nutrients.
It has an anti-inflammatory quality.
So now what is the conclusion? Water is the best fluid to help in hydration indigestion absorption, assimilation and this cell activity.
Water actually enhances cells activity.
Drinking around eight glasses of water each day will keep you healthy.
However mindfully.
Remember to avoid drinking water at your meal and this would prevent you for harming your body.
Instead, consume alternative liquids, which you have understood Now remember this little habit the moment you sit on the dining table.
First you take water and drink water as if you are clearing your mouth to be ready for food.
This should be totally avoided.
Don’t keep water on your dining table at all.
When you go out somewhere, people first ask water and they will bring some varieties of water in front of you.
Don’t take water.
Remember this, take water before or after.
You would really feel much, much more energetic when you don’t drink water with your meals.
Take charge of yourself.
Remember and take care for yourself.