Chinen Salt

What is Chinen Salt?

Chinen salt is also called the pink Himalayan salt, rock salt or halite salt. It is a very healthy salt compared to the regular table salt. Historically it was discovered in the 1200s in Pakistan, exactly in Khewra salt mine.

One of the special characteristics of Himalayan salt is that this salt has a pinkish rosy tint adequate to trace minerals.

Himalayan salt or chinen salt is composed from what?

Chinen or himalayan salt is chemically made from 95% Sodium Chloride, with a safe amount ( 1% ) of mineral salts such as calcium, iron, zinc, chromium, magnesium and sulfate. Sodium has many benefits ( sodium chloride binder / sodium stabilizer).

The analysis of some samples from khewra rock salt proves that it is chemically similar to table salt ( sodium chloride / sodium chloride binder / sodium chloride stabilizer).

Where can we use Himalayan Salt?

Nowadays, himalayan salt (chinen) is a food flavor, because its marketing cost and the pinkish color, many people used it in food presentation, decorative lamps and spa treatment .Also being the anti-caking agents gave it a good effect.

Top 10 benefits of chinen salt:

1- Chinen salt for diabetes?

This is the most common question asked to the doctor is “use chinen salt for diabetics”. Today we will discuss it.

Our blood sugar level is one of the most vital benchmarks of our body. Any disturbance in it will have a serious effect on our body.

Such problems can be very fatal such as Diabetes. That’s why this salt (chinen salt) is the best choices to maintain normal blood sugar. It has more than 84 components that are known by their factors in maintaining balanced sugar.

One of the importance component is called “ Chromium “, it is claimed to be an essential element in regulating sugar level for diabetes:

  • Without it insulin would not be able to work properly.
  • Recent researches proved that this component interacts with low-molecular weight chromium substances which stimulate the action of insulin.
  • It turns carbohydrates into glucose.
  • Increases insulin sensitivity.
  • Decreases insulin levels for diabetes.
  • Improves glucose disposal for diabetes.

Vanadium: Vanadyl sulfate is a salt of the mineral vanadium it have many benefits effect on diabetic person because :

  • It has an insulin-like or serves as an insulin mimetic effect on glucose metabolism.
  • It decreases the insulin requirements in the person with type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Manganese: Recent studies proved that people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes have low level of manganese, Thats why its better to use it as supplementation to improve the function of it in:

  • Increases insulin secretion for diabetes.
  • Improves glucose metabolism for diabetes.
  • Decrease in glucose intolerance for diabetes.
  • Sugar, starches and fats digestion for diabetes.

2- Does it really help with Digestive Disorders?

Digestive disorders are a common problem that always occur after eating improperly. Scientifically, our intestines can digest only a certain amount of food in a given time.

Chinen salt has a special effect here with its crystals, it helps in passing the food freely through our intestinal tract. Also it have several effects in our body mechanisms:

  • Stimulates our salivary glands: it produces amylase which digest the starch food to smaller molecules.
  • Stimulates the parietal cell: It’s a stomach gland which secretes hydrochloric acid. This acid digest protein which helps in breakdown of food, it helps in maintaining the normal stomach pH = 0.87.
  • Stimulates the liver production : Bile acid role in fat digestion.

However, for the person who are already diabetic, ample intake of Chinen salt will put the body into an ideal state.

3- Is Chinen Salt Good For Hypertension?

Despite the table salt, crystals of the chinen salt is a very natural ingredient and can only have a good effect on our body. This salt an ideal addition to our diets because it will not trigger higher pressure.

Recent studies provide evidence that calcium and magnesium content in chinen salt prevent high blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels.

4- Is Chinen salt good for promoting vascular effect?

Our cardiovascular system plays an major role in providing the body needs and demands of activity, exercise, and stress.

This salt helps maintain body temperature, among other things, his main roles is to deliver oxygen, nutrients, hormones, and other principal substances to cells and organs in the body.

The Cardiovascular system is considered the most important. Any failure causes fatal damage to our organs which at the end causes death.

Recent scientific experiments proved that consuming normal salt is toxic for our body. The way of making it in industries to make it refined by bleaching it in high makes it very toxic.

In Addition your body works hard to get rid of this toxic component daily, it’s a poisons to our body which over time will cause tissue inflammation, water retention and high pressure!

Unlike table salt or sea salt, chinen salt or himalayan pink salt promotes a strong and good cardiovascular system and overall good lifestyle.

Chinen salt contains many precious substances that make it similar to calcium and magnesium. It benefits prevent high blood pressure.

Natural crystal in chinen salt always promotes a good balance within your body. It’s a typical normal salt.

5- Does Chinen salt for aging problems?

Brine Solution : It’s a famous solution that people use today to take care of their skin acne and problems.

The mixture of chinen salt and mineralized water which provide the necessary nutrients and elements to your skin. This salt also prevents our skin from common disorders:

  • Aging and dryness.
  • Skin infections.
  • It helps in drawing out toxins.
  • Natural disinfectant against certain bacteria.
  • Maintain our skin pH.
  • It helps in giving our skin a light brightness.

Some of the minerals found in the chinen Salt that promote skin are:

  • Chromium – it reduces skin infections and fights acne.
  • Zinc – it helps in preventing primary and secondary scarring. It regulates the activity of oil glands.It also stimulates our immune system to heal our wounds.
  • Iodine – it increases oxygen consumption and the metabolic rate of the skin which stimulate the healing of skin infections.
  • Sulfur – it helps in curing dry scalps, rashes, eczema and acne and keeps skin clean and smooth.

6- Does chinen salt for menstrual problems?

Chinen salt or himalayan salt can help with menstrual disorders. If you pour Himalayan salt (chinen) sachet in warm water and place this salt on the stomach for 30 minutes while massaging the area will really help.

This salt solution has a stabilizing effect on your body fluids. It helps the muscles to return to their normal state by easing the pressure and stress.

7- Will Chinen salt for headache problems?

Nowadays, headaches are a very common problem in our society due to its relation with any diseases.

This salt is always your guard against it, just try to mix this salt (chinen) with purified water and massage the area of your head and neck. It will provide a cold feeling and immediately a feeling of relaxation.

8- Does Chinen salt for Onychomycosis?

It’s very embarrassing nowadays to have such a disorder. A fungal infection between the fingers or skin is the main cause.

Such a problem will give an abnormal discoloration of the skin, it will look cracked with a foul odor present there.

You will mix this salt with vinegar and pure water creating a solution. Chinen salt ( pink himalayan) will help in curing such disorders.

Try to soak using this salt your infected area daily for 30 minutes and you will have fascinating results. Pink himalayan salt (chinen) will create an unfavorable environment for the fungi to live which will immediately kill it.

9- What is the effect of chinen salt on Body pH?

PH means “Power of concentration of the Hydrogen-ion” is the term of alkalinity or acidity of your cells in your body. Each cell in our body cant survive in a pH higher or lower than 7,1

That’s why amble intake of pink himalayan salts will help in maintaining our body pH stability because of its minerals.

This salts balances the fluid intake inside and round the body cells and this salt removes all toxic metals such as mercury and arsenic.

10- Will chinen salt help with sore throat?

Bacterial or viral infection is the main cause of inflammation of the Tonsils ( Tonsillitis ). This problem will lead to difficulty in eating and breathing, especially in kids. Salt can be usefull at that point.

We all know that using antibiotics is not the first choice always, because of its side effects and futural problems.

That’s why  himalayan salt can be a good choice to fight bacteria. Try rinsing and gargling the mixture salts with some warm water after eating, this salt will help stopping the infection.

Chinen salt where to buy? it can buy from some local store, also you can buy it easily from any online store simply by search on it in internet, for example: where to buy chinen salt? / Buy himalayan pink chinen (himalayan).


Chinen salt is the purest rock salt available from all the salts because of its several benefits comparing to other salts. Recent research suggests that this salt ( himalayan) may be the most promising new treatments for many diseases.

Chinen salt infographic:

Chinen salt infographic



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